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Dunnington Motor Care required us to build them a website that would showcase all of the services that they had to offer. Therefore, we displayed all of the different services on the home page. Here at JPS Media, we understand that in order to ensure that the user sees the most important services provided by a business is displayed prominently on the home page. This is because a user wants things to be displayed at the click of a button. They do not want to have to search the website for information.

As we have stated, the user wants a website that helps make their life easier. We, therefore, ensured we built a contact form. This ensured that the user could book an appointment easily with Dunnington Motor Care. 

We feel that we met all of the objectives set by Dunnington Motor Care and we believe that we built a website that made the life of the users easier.

About Dunnington Motor Care

Dunnington Motor Care will cater for all of your motor vehicle needs. They will be able to offer you advice regarding servicing your car, cam bells, tyres, exhausts, batteries, clutches, brakes, electrical fault diagnosis, suspension, repairs, MOTs, engines, gearbox repairs, air conditioning services and repairs. They even carry out valeting on your car!!

Dunnington Motor Care is located in Dunnington, which is a little village 4 miles on the outskirt of York. This means they are accessible to people from all over the country. This is because they are conveniently located alongside the 1079 which runs directly between York and Hull. They offer servicing and repairs on all models of cars in their fully equipped service unit.

Working With Dunnington Motor Care

Dunnington Motor Care came to JPS Media for a re-design of their current website. They needed a website that not only looked good but one that also showcased their services. We worked closely with Dunnington Motor Care, the same as we do with all of our clients, to ensure that the website we built for them met all of their requirements. The website needed to be easy to use and navigate around, whilst also providing information regarding all of the services provided. Therefore we made sure that we explained the services available on the home screen. We made separate pages for each of the services. This ensured that the user could obtain full details of each service at just a click of a button. The content on each page was kept short and snappy. We avoided using jargon in an attempt to stop the users being over-whelmed by information. It also helped the user choose which service they required.

One of the most important requirements that Dunnington Motor Care needed from their website was that their customers could easily book an appointment. We, therefore, worked closely with Dunnington Motor Care to ensure that their website did just this. We made an easy to use contact form. This allowed the customer to choose a time and date which best suited their needs. It also allowed the user to choose which service they would require. Having a contact form on the website increased Dunnington Motor care’s customer reach. This is because some people would have been put off if they didn’t have the option to book online. Some people do not like contacting businesses by telephone and would rather contact the business online.

JPS media enjoyed working alongside Dunnington Motor Care on this project. We enjoyed visiting the company and taking the pictures that you can see on the website. The company were laid back and open to our suggestions and advice.

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