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About Centre For Action Learning

The Centre For Action Learning believes that organisations and individuals can achieve better things when they focus on working together. Their focus is to develop strong and effective leadership. They see that effective leadership is extremely important to a company. It is a personal endeavour that requires oversight and The Centre For Action Learning can help with this.

The approach of The Centre For Action Learning is to teach that leadership, culture and strategy have to work in service of each other. Therefore, having to flex and change together.

Working With Centre For Action Learning

As we have already stated the Centre For Action Learning aims to get individuals and organisations working together for a common goal. This is why they approached JPS Media to build an education training portal for them.

The aim of the website was to enable organisations to clarify their challenges. These challenges would form the basis to design a bespoke action learning programme, This meant that the website needed to be informative and helpful. We built a website that was easy to navigate around. Thus ensuring that all the required information was available at a click of a button.

One of the most important aspects of the website to the Centre For Action Learning was their logo. They wanted a logo that demonstrated their beliefs. Their main belief is that leadership development should be a continuous learning and evolutionary loop.  Therefore, we designed them a logo that is a continuous loop, demonstrating the relationship between continuous learning and evolution.

We enjoyed working on this website and feel that we designed a website that is bespoke to the companies needs. JPS Media was successful in building a website that is easy to use and navigate around. The resources are laid out well on separate pages, meaning that all the information is available at a click of a button.

Centre For Action Learning Whole Website

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