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Cabarettoe approached JPS Media to request a foot fetish adult website. We discussed the different types of websites with Cabarettoe and we decided that the best option was to build a shopping cart website that would be tailored for a digital adult website. We ensured that the website was easy to navigate around so that the user did not get confused when they used it. We wanted to website to be sexy, yet tasteful. It needed to show off the services provided by our client in an eye-catching and appealing way and JPS Media would argue that this website does just that. The logo is unique and matches the name of the company perfectly. We wanted to bring the branding of the company in to the logo of the website.

The colours used throughout the website are beautiful, tasteful and classy. By using these colours, we have ensured that the styling runs through the whole website and ties together the services of Cabarettoe perfectly.

This website is perfect for our client and is beautifully designed and eye-catching.

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About Cabarettoe

The aim of Cabarettoe is to make the foot a sophisticated art form. They want to encompass the allure and seduction of the foot by encasing the foot in different materials, such as fishnets and silky nylons. They want to attract users to their website by tantalising the senses of the user.

Working With Cabarettoe

Cabarettoe came to JPS Media because they needed an adult website building for their foot fetish business. By having a website, they could easily showcase their pictures and videos to adults on the Internet. This would mean that could reach a wide range of people. Therefore, it was extremely important that the website displayed their pictures and videos in an easy and appealing way. The user would need to see these pictures and videos at a single glance. This would allow them to decide whether they wanted to stay on the website and look further. If the website was difficult to use, the user would then click away from this website and on to a competitors.

As we have done with all of our previous clients, we discussed with Cabarettoe exactly what they required from their website. This allows us to decide what type of website would be best for each client. We soon realised that this client would benefit from a shopping cart for digital adult website. This would mean that the user could easily be able to purchase pictures, videos and photo sets easily. This would encourage new customers and also, return custom.

Due to the fact the user would need to buy these pictures and videos, we needed to build in an adult payment gateway. This would ensure that it would be easy for the client to manage the sales that occurred from the website. We offered the client support in using this website to ensure that they could use it easily and not get confused. We wanted to build a website that was not just easy for the user to navigate around, but a website that the client could easily manage. We feel that this website works perfectly.

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