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Broadway 50/50 needed us to build them a stylish and beautiful website that would showcase the services they offered. They needed us to ensure that their services and price list for these services were clearly displayed on the website. It is important to ensure that websites aren’t too complicated for the user. If it is, the user will click away from your website to a competitors. Here, at JPS Media, we understand the importance of making your website stand out from other websites.

We also designed Broadway 50/50’s posters and business cards. We understand the importance of ensuring that a business uses its brand through their website and their promotional material. We ensured that we did this with Broadway 50/50. 

About Broadway 50/50

Broadway 50/50 is a hair salon situated in Fulford, York. They have been cutting and styling women’s hair for many years and are experts in their field. This salon uses Aveda products that are eco friendly. Therefore, these products help to enhance the beauty of your hair. Broadway 50/50s mission is to offer the best in modern and traditional hairdressing. They provide a high standard of service and are always helpful and friendly to all of their clients.

The Build

Broadway 50/50 came to us because they wanted a revamp of their existing website.  They wanted a website that not only looked good, but also showcased the services that they provide.  We worked closely with them to ensure that we provided them a website that met all of their requirements perfectly.

We obtained details of all the services they provide, including their prices for cutting, styling and colouring. We displayed these details in a way that the client could easily see and understand.  This was so the client knew exactly how much they would be paying. We wanted to make it so the information was available to the clients at a simple glance. JPS Design displayed these details in an aesthetically pleasing way so that the website also looked well build and attractive.

We also included a section explaining that Broadway 50/50 also provide services for those special occasions. They have years of experience in creating beautiful hair for those special occasion where a lady needs to look beautiful. We needed the clients to know this so that they knew that if they chose Broadway 50/50 they would be left feeling special.

As well as creating the website, Broadway 50/50 asked us to design and create their posters and business cards. We did this with enthusiasm and excitement. Therefore, designing them a beautiful and informative poster, and a business card that included all of the relevant details. Broadway 50/50 were extremely pleased with the products we produced.

Working With Broadway 50/50

We have worked with Broadway 50/50 for a number of years and have truly enjoyed working them. The website was enjoyable to build and we feel that we have built a strong working relationship. The posters and business cards were enjoyable to design and we feel sells their services perfectly. We feel that we have learnt a lot about designing and building a website to showcase a hair salon.

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