Barmby Fields

Barmby Fields own two large dog fields in the East Yorkshire area. They are secure fields that allow you to take your dog so they can run around and play without worrying about contact with other dogs and people.

Barmby Fields contacted JPS Media so that we could use our website design and development skills to build them a website that could expand their reach. They wanted a simple and easy to use website that would allow the user to book time slots in one of their fields. They also wanted the website to look aesthetically pleasing. 

We had to start right at the very beginning with Barmby Fields so the first thing we did was to design a unique logo for them. We ensured that we kept the logo simple, but also informed the user what Barmby Fields was all about in a single glance. We love the end result!

The main requirement from Barmby Fields was that the website would allow the business to almost run itself. They wanted the user to be able to visit the website, see the available time slot and book the time that they wanted without any direct contact with Barmby Fields. This ensured that the website actually worked for the business. They also needed us to integrate the website with their booking system. This meant  that the user would be sent an email to confirm their slot, along with the key code for the field they had chosen.  We truly enjoyed working on this project and feel that the website worked perfectly for Barmby Fields.

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