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Acumen Trust came to us in order for us to build them an education portal. The aim was to help support local people and to help them to gain employment. This was a very exciting and interesting design and development. We wanted to help Acumen Trust succeed in helping the local community.

In order to make the website accessible to everyone, we had to make the website easy to use and navigate around. If we made it overly complicated, the user would click away from Acumen Trust, and on to another educational portal. Thus, making Acumen Trust fail in their aim to help the community.

We designed the website in such a way that the user could visualise how Acumen Trust could help them become successful. This is an important part of designing an educational portal. The user needs to be able to visualise the future that they could have if they used the portal to help them succeed.

About Acumen

Acumen was established in 2003. They deliver high-quality employment and training services. Their aim is to support local people in reaching their full potential and help them to secure employment. Acumen also helps local employers to fulfil all of their recruitment needs. They are passionate about making a positive difference to people’s lives and transforming communities across East Durham.

Working With Acumen

Acumen approached JPS Media to request that we build them an education training portal. The aim was to build a website where people could access their resources with ease. The website needed to be easy to use and navigate around. If it was confusing to use, the client would not have received the benefit of the information available. Therefore, we ensured each resource available at its own page. This made it clear to the user which pages they needed to read.

The aim of this website was to provide a useful and helpful tool. We feel that we succeeded in building a website that met this aim. A website that is not only a beautifully designed website but also one that serves a purpose.

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