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Aysha St Giles approached JPS Media because she wanted to share her ideas and thoughts with others online. She intended to use the website as a personal blog. Therefore, we needed to design a website that would attract readers of the articles that Aysha would write. We designed the website in a magazine format. This instantly allowed the user to recognise what type of website they were on. They would feel as though they were reading a personal diary, online.

We added plenty of beautiful pictures to the website in order to create a more intimate view into the thoughts of Aysha. This is an extremely important thing to do when you are designing a blog website. If the user doesn’t feel a connection with the person writing the blog, they will click off your blog website, and move on to another.

About A Limited View

A Limited View is a blog of a Parish Priest in C of E. She is called Aysha St Giles who resides in York and oversees a village parish. Aysha describes her mind akin to a magpie. She enjoys learning about all sorts of things and loves sharing her thoughts with us. This website allows her to fulfil this passion for sharing her thoughts with others.

Aysha had her first book, Notes on Life in Bread and Wine: Reflections on the Eucharist in Daily Life, published back in 2004. Since this time she has been gathering material and writing bits for a further 4 books. However, she felt like she wanted to share her thoughts with others instantly, and the idea for a blog website was born.

Working With A Limited View

As we have already stated, Aysha’s aim was to be able to share her ideas and thoughts with others. She, therefore, approached JPS Web Design in order to discuss her options. JPS Media sat with her for a while and talked through exactly what she required from her website. We feel that this is an important part of the design process. It is important to ensure that the website we design and build for our clients completely fulfils their needs. JPS Media suggested that she opted for a blog website. This is the easiest way for a person to portray their ideas and thoughts to their website.

We ensured that the blog posts were clearly displayed on the page so that they were accessible at just a click of a button. Aysha also needed to know how to add her own posts on the website. So we met with her and gave her a tutorial on how to add her own posts. This meant that the blog could continually be kept up to date.

Having a contact page was also important in the design of this website. Therefore, Aysha could have contact from her readers and know what was important to them

This website is a beautifully designed blog website that allows our client to regularly share her opinions and views to many. Therefore, this website is exactly what was required by the client.

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