Brochure Websites

Brochure website is a common industry term, it is used to describe any website where the sole functionality of it is too showcase products or services with no direct option to buy. The user is then advised to call or email to make an order. The majority of websites today are these kinds,  mostly because they are the most affordable and best for business where highly bespoke options are provided.

So what is a brochure website I hear you ask? Well a brochure website is one of the more common website design requirements. It’s basically a basic website to advertise your business and services in a striking and visual way.

Brochure websites make up a lot of the web. They are the more affordable options as they don’t have the bespoke requirements needed compared to say eCommerce Websites or other Website Design solutions. A brochure website will normally have a contact form, a gallery or portfolio and a few pages about the business and services offered.

So now you know what a brochure website is, and you have decided this solution is for you. Contact Us to discuss your requirements, and for a quote without obligation. 

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